Air Receiver Inspection

Pressure equipment and systems maintenance and inspection testing 

ReddiAir Ltd provides solutions to businesses in need of air receiver inspection and examination. Once on our system, ReddiAir will remind you annually when the receiver inspection is due. Our inspection engineers are BCAS (British Compressed Air Society) certified and have many years of experience in the certification and inspection of air receivers. ReddiAir provides air receiver inspections, air reservoir inspections and pressure system inspections in Birmingham, Redditch Coventry, and the whole Midlands area. 

Be kept legit

It is the law to have your equipment inspected to comply by the given law standards.

Stay safe

By having your equipment inspected this will ensure a safe working environment.

Stay protected

Being compliant will keep your insurance from being void.

We can help you.

ReddiAir Ltd can provide a written scheme of examination in line with health and safety guidelines. Our certified partners can provide any and all parts of the examination leaving you covered in the eventuality of an HSE inspection. As part of our written scheme of examination service we also provide air receiver inspection and certification which includes an ultrasonic steel thickness test. Call our team today for a free quote and site survey. 

The Law on Pressure Systems

The law is clear when it comes to pressure systems, 'All pressure equipment and systems should be properly maintained. There should be a maintenance programme for the system as a whole. It should take into account the system and equipment age, its uses and the environment.'As part of ensuring your compressed air system is safe for use an inspection of all vessels used to store air should be carried out at regular intervals (usually required annually by insurance companies). ReddiAir provide this service to keep your compressed air system operating efficiently and more importantly safely.

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